Have you heard of the Rule of Three? It’s the perfect rule of thumb to bring cohesion and interest to your space, whether through color, shape, height or the decorative pieces themselves.

COLOR: Your color scheme should appear three times (or more) in a room to look intentional. Depending on which pieces you chose to have in color and which are neutral, the color scheme may either be bold or subdued. So forget about “a pop” of color and make sure you use three!

SHAPE: When placing furniture and accessories, look for shapes that mimic each other to create a cohesive look. Here the round mirror, center of the chandelier, and overstuffed chair all have similar curves which balance out the linear sofa, coffetable and wainscoting.

HEIGHT: For height, the rule of three is reversed. Instead of picking three objects of the same height, look for three different heights. The eye draws a triangle between the three, creating tension and, thus, visual interest. We love the mismatched lamps and decorative egg statue on this entry table and the varying heights brings the eye directly to the mirror. Perfect for a quick lipstick check while running out the door!

OBJECTS: Placing objects in groups of three (or five or seven for larger arrangements) also creates visual tension and keeps the eye moving about the room. Despite the odd number, the end result will look more balanced than if you just had a pair. Even within the three objects vary the height. Groups of three look great on a coffee table, mantle, or for pictures on the wall.

How have you used the Rule of Three?

Image Credits: Emily Johnston (image 1 originally seen here, image 2 originally seen here) // Scott Woodward (image originally seen here) // Pierre Verger (image originally seen here)