In our latest issue, we gave you a look into Kirsten Grove’s bedroom– and introduced you to her adorable family! And today- we welcome you to her office. Kirsten has impeccable taste- as showcased daily on her blog Simply Grove. Whether she is working on a new design project or chasing around her super cute kids- we had to know just how she does it. We sat down with Kirsten to find out what makes her tick- and where she got that incredible desk!

What does a typical workday look like in the Simply Grove HQ?
It starts at 7:30am with mommy duties until around 9am, when they go to school. 2 days a week my assistant comes at 9 and we start the day with coffee and loud music. These 2 days, I try and tackle the blog side of SG. The other 3 days are strictly design and guest writing. Now that summer is coming, I’m going to need to restructure my days because of having the kids at home. No 2 days are the same, and I love that!

We love that too! When it comes to design- what three words would you use to describe your aesthetic?
Modern, Organic, Colorful.

That totally encompasses this space! We adore how bright, airy, and organized it is. Tell us- what are your tips and tricks for staying organized?
I never leave the office messy. If I’m closing up shop for the day, I’ll spend 5-10 minutes cleaning and organizing so that the next day, I have a clean space to work from. I also file EVERYTHING.

When creating your office, what were the most important factors in the design?
Creating a bright and cheery space was a must for me. I work better when surrounded by great light. My office has a lot of windows. Even on gloomy days, it doesn’t feel depressing.

How perfect! Are there any fun or interesting stories behind any of the pieces in your office?
My husband made my desk, which is my absolute favorite piece in the space. My father-in-law is an incredible wood worker and my husband inherited some of those trates. YAY! Also, I inherited the rugs in my office from my uncle who passed away a few years ago. He had impeccable taste and so I was lucky enough to receive some of his prized pieces, including these wool rugs.

That is so special- we are big fans of personal touches. On the business side, what are your office essentials?
Computer (of course), pens and a notepad to write down quick thoughts, a filing cabinet and a printer/scanner.

Do you listen to music while you work? If so- what’s on your playlist these days?
YES! Right now I’m listening to both Justin Timberlake and One Republic’s new albums. I also have All Son’s and Daughter’s playing.

We’re firm believers in the quote “taking time to live your life will only inspire your work.” Where do you get your inspiration when not in the office?
Traveling always inspires me. Especially when visiting great homes and spaces outside of my own city. And nature is a constant inspiration to me as well.

We can certainly see those elements reflected in your work! Thank you so much for sharing your space, Kirsten. Now… we’re off to clean up our own offices!