Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam packs a punch when it comes to smart and sweet all rolled into one. Fresh out of college, but wiser than her years, this fashion blogger ‘it girl’ is making a splash on the the style scene. While many recent grads find themselves working passionless entry level jobs, Julia on the other hand, took a less traditional route and followed her bliss: fashion and beauty. Not only is her passion and unique sense of style catching the eye of thousands of loyal fans and readers all over the world, she’s also garnered the attention of heavy hitting fashion brands like Net-a-Porter and Asos. To us, however, she’s just the really sweet gal we love catching up with over a cup of coffee down the street. Today, we get an exclusive first look inside her San Francisco home and the inside scoop on decorating with her husband for the first time, where she sees Gal Meets Glam in five years, and more!

So, let’s get started! You recently got married (congratulations!) and moved to San Francisco. Tell us about your design goals for your first home with your new husband, Thomas.
We were so excited to finally have a place of our own to decorate. When we moved into our apartment, the only furniture we had was a bed, a dresser, and a side table. So I scoured Craigslist, the Alameda Flea Market, and vintage shops for a few key pieces and filled out the rest from places like Ikea, West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and CB2. It took awhile, but each month we had a goal of what we needed to get, so we saved up to make it happen. I guess we’re lucky that we don’t have a ton of space and didn’t need too much!

You chose to work with a decorator, Caitlin Flemming, while most newlyweds try to tackle a new home alone. What as that experience like?
I loved working with Caitlin! I have a really hard time making decisions on certain things and get overwhelmed by so many ideas. She really helped me narrow down my search and find things we actually needed. I can get really caught up in small details and forget about the bigger picture. Caitlin really helped us focus and fill in a lot of awkward places that I didn’t know what to do with.

We can’t help but notice the girlie vibe, which we love! Was it a challenge convincing Thomas to let you decorate how you wanted to?
He loves it! Honestly, he doesn’t really care that much about the decor as long as it’s comfortable. I had multiple Pinterest boards filled with my home decor inspiration long before we moved in and would constantly show them to Thomas, so he knew exactly what I was leaning towards. I think it’s important to agree on every piece since you’ll both be living with it. Caitlin asked him if he could choose the colors for a home, what would it be. His answer, “Orange and black for the Giants,” but obviously that wasn’t happening!

Space can be a challenge living in San Francisco. Do you have any suggestions for our readers on making limited space work?
Having storage is really important! We got lucky and have three closets in our place, but somehow that’s still not enough. I hate having too much “stuff” so my rule is, if we haven’t used it within the year then it goes to Goodwill. We also keep a larger, collapsable table under our sofa and extra chairs in my office that we can pull out and set up for larger dinner parties. I love our place and we’ve really made it work for us!

What’s your favorite part about your home?
I absolutely love the light in our living room. My favorite thing to do is cuddle up on the sofa on a Sunday morning with a coffee and my husband and have the light fill the room with warmth. I could never live in dark space! The memories we’ve created in this apartment are so valuable to me. We always talk about how we’re going to tell our kids someday about this first apartment we lived in!

As a blogger, I’m sure your schedule is always changing. Can you walk us through a typical day in the life of Julia?
My days are never really the same since my projects are constantly changing, but I do like having a consistent schedule when I’m home. I always check my emails first thing in the morning and post to all my social channels. Then I head to the gym or go to a pilates class. I feel my best when I start off with an early morning workout – it gives me more energy than coffee. I then go back home, shower, get ready, take phone calls, head to meetings, do research, work on articles coming up, finalize content for the following week and answer a million more emails. Depending on the day, I’ll shoot photos for my blog with a photographer or my husband or shoot them myself. My husband doesn’t come home until about eight, so we’ll usually have dinner together around then, watch our favorite shows or go on a walk and head to bed between 10pm – midnight.

Style is clearly a big part of your life. How does your fashion sense influence your home?
I have very feminine style and it really comes out in our decor and I’m grateful that my husband doesn’t mind. My style is also very classic and sometimes simple, but I love having unique and colorful accessories add a little personality. I think the same goes for our home- most of our “big” decor pieces are very simple and easy, but we added lots of personality through artwork, prints, and accessories. I wanted to be able to use those big pieces in our next home even if we decide to take our home decor in a new direction.

I have a feeling that you’ll be growing with many of the gorgeous pieces for a long time to come. Where do you hope to be in 5-10 years with your business, Gal Meets Glam?
This is always a hard question for me because I’m still really trying to figure that out! Right now, I’m just taking each opportunity as it comes and it will all eventually lead me to where I need to be.

We agree with that! Well, wherever your passion takes you, we look forward to following you along the way. Thanks for welcoming us into your home today!

LIVING ROOM: 1. Wall Art // 2. Large Pillows // 3. Small Pillow // 4. Rug // 5. Clear Vase // 6. Bookshelves // 7. Side Table // 8. White Lamp 9. Mint Gourd Vase // 10. Lacquer Pencil Box // 11. Coasters // 12. Magazine Basket // 13. Leopard Ice Bucket // 14. Porcelain Pineapple

BEDROOM: 1. Bedding // 2. Sheets // 3. Blanket // 4. Rug // 5. Headboard // 6. Nightstands // 7. Lamps // 8. Mirrors // 9. Ruffled Pillow // 10. Printed Pillow // 11. White Origami Star // 12. White Lacquer Tray // 13. Mirrored Dresser Tray

OFFICE: 1. Desk // 2. Chair // 3. Mint File Cabinet // 4. Painting // 5. Pillow // 6. Clock // 7. Print