Jennifer Hagler’s home is more than just a house that she shares with her husband, Jeremiah, and her three-year-old son, Israel. It is the studio for her jewelry line, the launch-pad for an upcoming new online shop Jennifer is co-founding with her  husband, and the frequent setting of photoshoots for her blog, A Merry Mishap. Today Jennifer shares a little bit about her home with Rue Daily. Plus we’re exploring her studio and hearing more about her new shop, Kollekt, in the newest issue of Rue magazine, now out.

You have a clear aesthetic but a lot of different creative outlets. Where did your interest in design and art begin?
When I was young I was always making things with my hands. My mom put me in pottery classes and then high school I loved art class. In college I couldn’t wait to take all these specific art and design classes. My blog is mostly interior design, which goes hand in hand with the things I was already interested in and learning in school. I love interior objects- furniture and smaller pieces. When I got married and started my first home, my interest in design took on a life of its own.

Do you tend to rearrange your home frequently or did it reach a point where you felt, “Okay, this is done?”
I feel like I’m always in conflict because I want it to be done and enjoy it and get on with life. But I also naturally want to change it, the house is living thing. We spend so much time here and so sometimes just moving things around makes something new. I go through spurts where I don’t want to move anything and then I go through times where I want to take everything off the walls. When the seasons change, I don’t want to house to feel the same every season.

Ha, I think that is true for many of us obsessed with interior design. Where in your house is making you most happy right now?
I think my bedroom. I spend so much time in the rest of the house but my bedroom is so relaxing for me. There isn’t one ugly corner in the room. I feel like the whole room has been thought out well. But we’ll see how I feel in six months, I could feel differently.

If we dropped by for a visit randomly (which are we are totally doing next time we’re in Boise!) what would we find you doing at home?
We’re probably be wearing some really frumpy clothes. When I’m home, I just want to comfortable. If the mailman comes to the door, that’s what he sees. It would be really common to find us in our son’s room, playing or drawing. He’s an only child so we do a lot of activities with him. Or looking at books, we love to look at books and he loves books. If not working, we’d be doing one of those things.

You probably don’t have much time to travel currently but if given one week off, where would you travel within the US?
I’m torn between going someplace I’ve been and someplace new. If someplace I’ve been, New York. We love New York and Brooklyn. If someplace new, then San Francisco. I’ve heard so much about it and I’ve only been to California a few times.

Come on out! We’d love to show you around! Speaking of exploring new places, you and your husband are both originally from Idaho. What would you tell someone interested in visiting or moving to Boise?
If I were to convince someone to come to Boise, I’d say it’s a great place for families. It’s peaceful and quiet. You do have to have an appreciation for a smaller city. You have to drive because its spread out but you can still find a little bit of everything- organic food, nice restaurants. In the summer it’s really beautiful. There is a river through the city with miles of paved tree-lined paths. You can just walk or bike for hours. We have really nice parks on the Greenbelt. People here are just nice and laidback.