Northern California seems to have its own unique style when it comes to interior design. Just like downtown Manhattan’s iconic lofts, San Francisco’s homes flaunt gorgeously crafted walnut sideboards and moody colors. Although we love a bit of mid-century, there comes a time when we crave to see something new. And that we did- this 25th Street home designed by Lauren Geremia of Geremia Design is a graduation from the quintessential Bay area mid-century homes. With some of the expected materials and hues, Lauren has infused her fine arts background with her interior design ingenuity. Combining elegant artwork, a few classic elements such as the poppy velvet settee, and the absence of anything kitsch, her foundation of mid-century pieces has been given a sophisticated makeover. Even the child’s room is stylish with a cozy shag rug and taupe crib.

The home’s most enticing feature is its mix of modern and classic- lofted ceilings, sky lights and moldings give it character as well as a feeling of airiness. We love that Lauren went for a twist on the traditional molding/wall color combination going for a pairing of similar toned blues but in slightly contrasting shades. And to keep all the blue from feeling too somber she chose a bright punch of poppy for the living room’s settee. Although many of Lauren’s pieces are custom made (her time at RISD turned her into a creative genius in various fields), west elm has a similar apartment sized sofa that can be made in a similar color.

As we mentioned before, what makes this space so sophisticated is the choice of artwork. Whether it’s an abstract painting or a gallery wall of gorgeous nature inspired photography, there’s an element of laid-back seriousness. We can’t all afford original prints from local professional photographers but we all have access to sites like PurePhoto and Yellow Korner. Just like the piece in the gray bathroom, you can have limited edition reprints of famous photographers’ pieces mounted onto plexi at Yellow Korner. The quality of the artwork from both sources is extremely high, so no more wondering if you are going to get something that was printed by a home quality laser printer.

Lastly, we love that Lauren incorporated many vignettes focused around books- in an era where everything is so digitalized, some of the more classic small pleasures in life are forgotten. Books make a space feel homey and inviting, not to mention they can be great sources of conversation when you have guests over. One thing that this gorgeous home shows us, however, is that there are many clever ways of displaying books- vertical minimalist shelves can turn your literary collections into contemporary sculpture. We have always been a fan of CB2’s barely there metal bookcase.

Lauren’s work is iconically cool. She’s been tapped as San Francisco’s designer for successful startups, knowing how to find artistic touches to functional spaces. This home is no exception- with only a few restrained risky choices, the result is original yet livable. But let’s be honest, we’d die to have our homes look as gorgeous as this.

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