If you love interior decor,  you know what’s it’s like to constantly want to reinvent your space. Longing for a fresh look is totally something we are familiar with, but there are definite downsides. For one, purchasing new decor objects can prevent you from saving up for a larger pieces of furniture you truly love. Second, your space may feel like it is constantly in transition, which is great when done from time to time, but prevents you from truly feeling at home when done too often. Finally, constantly cycling through decor pieces does not leave room for you to truly find your style, which is what ultimately provides a home a sense of cohesion. What is our solution for the impulsive decorista? Upstyling and repurposing!

Upstyling is in essence the same as upcycling, i.e. using objects you already own in a different manner to make them more appealing than they once were. However, when upstyling you don’t need to change the item you simply need to restyle it! What we mean by this is that you have to play with what you already own! Rearrange your vignettes, rotate your plants, and move the pictures around in your gallery wall. If you don’t have a gallery wall, feel free to move your mirrors around. You will be surprised with what you come up with, and honestly, this is the best way to find a permanent arrangement for your decor items you will truly be happy with.

Another great way to recreate your space is by repurposing items you own. Find creative uses for items you were considering getting rid of. Repurposing can be as simple as using a trashcan as a pot or using an old license plate as a decor item. Repurposed items tend to make for the most unique decor accents and will give your space more personality. All in all repurposing will enliven your space, save you money and provide you with a great creative outlet!

Image originally appeared as part of “Textbook Charm” in our June/July 2012 here