With nearly 10 years of wedding marketing experience under her belt, Leila Lewis, founder and publicist at Be Inspired PR is the industry’s go-to for public relations services, brand development and business consulting. Beyond her impressive career however, we love Leila for her impeccable eye for style, always enthusiastic personality, and insatiable desire to help others achieve their wildest dreams. Recently we sat down with the style guru in her newly expanded Los Angeles headquarters to get the scoop on the inspiring new space and picked up some invaluable pieces of career advice along the way!

You recently moved into this new office. What were you hopes and dreams for the new space?
With a growing team, we really needed a bigger space to accommodate everyone. It’s been an amazing change! We have a conference room to meet with clients and multiple offices so my team can be on calls throughout the day without disturbing others.

What was your design and style goal for the place? 
With a bigger space, we really wanted to keep the intimate and cozy feel. We’re a tight knit team and want our office to reflect that. To do this we brought in different textures, lounge areas and a palate of warm neutrals with pops of gold to dress it up!

You run a wildly successful PR and lifestyle company, what do you attribute your success to? 
Many things! Here are just a few…
– a vision to do something that hadn’t been done before
– the willingness to take a financial risk to try
– a work ethic that can’t be taught but has always been apart of who I am
– persistence, I never stopped even when things got hard or I failed and I won’t stop trying ever
– a great team and a supportive family

Top PR tip to share?
When crafting pitches, always personalize the email! “Dear Sir/Madame” or even just “hello,” doesn’t get you very far in this day and age when information is so easily accessible. Take a few extra minutes to find the appropriate name.

Top career advice for someone just graduating and entering the workforce for the first time?
Come out of school with experience under your belt. A degree is the starting point, but what’s really going to land you the job is experience in your field through part-time jobs or internships. Research the company before you interview, have a firm understanding of what they do and offer, and showcase how you can be an indispensable asset in your interview.

What would you tell your 23 year old self?
Everything hard happening right now is paving the way for great things to come. And even more importantly: don’t chase the money, notoriety or a fancy title. What’s most important in life are family, friends and your own happiness. The rest will fall into place.

Your brand has grown from weddings to a wider lifestyle reach, tell us about that growth?
Yes! So many of our clients cross over into other industries – lifestyle, design, kids, entertainment, travel, hospitality, food, etc. It was a natural progression for us to grow with our clients into those industries. It’s important to us that we represent our client’s brands as a whole, which means also showcasing work or expertise that isn’t wedding specific.

Favorite project you’ve ever worked on?

Can’t pick just one!! But I’m currently working with Bravo on my client’s new TV show airing early next year. It’s been pretty exciting!

Favorite part about your office?
My staff!! And my black and white pinstripe toy bins that are little reminders of my baby girl when she’s not with me at work.

Why is having a stylish office important to you and what tips can you share with readers in creating a space that feeds their productivity and creativity?
For me, having a stylish office means working in an environment that inspires me, but isn’t too stuffy. Be resourceful  with your budget and work with what you have! The carpets in my office weren’t my favorite, but we chose furniture and a color palate to work with what was there.