We all know that orange is a tone that is popular for fall: from pumpkins to the changing color of leaves, there’s no other shade more associated with this season. We looked beyond the simplicity of orange, however, and found a tone even more seductive and rich- amber. Inspired by Santiago Castillo’s stylish duplex in Madrid designed by his brother Lorenzo Castillo, we thought that this tone was the perfect choice for our November ‘Color of the Month’.

A color that has an undeniable connection to the earth, amber has an alluring warmth. The hue of a single-malt scotch, the flames of a roaring fireplace, or rich maple syrup, this tone is a cold weather favorite, contrasting well with cooler colors like Lorenzo Castillo‘s steel blue. Incorporate amber into your space with whiskey leathers, orange-brown blown glass and burled wood. As is shown by this living room, the best colors to pair it with are those in the bluish gray spectrum acting as the perfect canvas for your orange tones to pop. Because of its versatility, appealing to all types of color or neutral tone preferences, amber is the perfect addition to your home this fall, warming up your space and giving it that special punch that can make your design that much more stylish.

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