Sometimes you daydream about moving to southern Europe, or leaving it all behind to live in the countryside. For most of us, the probability of those dreams materializing is slim to none. However, there is a way to reconcile your desire for a faraway experience and the apprehension of leaving the comforts of home. You could follow the example of the owners of this stunning 1930s Mediterranean style home and find a bit of architectural exoticism in your own city.

According to this space’s example, it’s even possible to find a bit of southern Spain in the Pacific Northwest. The family living in this Portland home, loved the thick walls, stone details and carved wooden doors, but wanted to update the rest to feel closer to their contemporary lifestyle and taste. They hired Jessica Helgerson of JHID to completely renovate their kitchen and help pull the furnishings together. On a quick side note, if you aren’t familiar with her yet, Jessica is a serious interior design genius whose projects are all over our pinterest boards. The design of the kitchen remodel joined both kitchen and breakfast room to create a more open floor plan. She chose concrete tile in a purplish gray to add some color to the clean aesthetic. Many of the items that were used were locally sourced or recycled, such as the cast iron bases for the kitchen table, the ceramic tile on the walls and the solid walnut countertops.

Although the kitchen is completely inspiring, we especially love the way that Jennifer tied the rest of the home’s decor together. Bright hues of orange and pink are a great contrast to the space’s chocolate leather chairs and reclaimed wood elements. She infused a few ethnic pieces such as the felt rugs and kilim sofa upholstery, but kept the lines clean and edited down the finishing touches. We think that this is a good lesson in globally inspired decor- it’s best to choose just a few elements that pay tribute to that part of the world, while keeping the rest of the pieces modern and simple.

We love the optimistic feel of this home, and love how Jessica Helgerson brought in color without losing the sophistication of the design. It might not be a villa in Andalucia, but it’s certainly a beautifully curated space with a lot of heritage and style.

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