We’ve all seen countless celebrity homes with sparse floor plans, strange collections, oversized closets, and too many cars to count. But every once in a while, magazines like Elle Décor help us get a glimpse into one of our favorite singer or fashion designer’s dream-worthy home. This time, the magazine uncovers an extremely inspiring celebrity space: an 1860 Brooklyn brownstone, redesigned and shared by renowned actress Keri Russell and her husband Shane Deary. The dream of the perfect 19th century home (filled with architectural charm, of course) would soon turn into a massive interior design project for Keri and Shane. While he took on the construction side of the renovation, she leant her impeccable taste to planning the layout of each room and choosing all of the furnishings and décor. The couple went for a mix of both modern and vintage, creating the perfect relaxed and sophisticated space. Their creativity shows through- Russell reused piping from her one of her husband’s previous projects to serve as a way to hang her clothes in her dressing room, as well as had side tables made out of reclaimed wood to tone down the elegance of the crystal lighting fixtures. The result? A stunning home that, at the same time, feels welcoming.

Keri’s kitchen has the perfect mix of raw wood finishes and reflective accents. We love the contemporary glass chandelier from Ochre, but know that this piece is certainly higher end. If you’re cursed with falling in love with something that is way above your budget, try looking at design super-stores; many of them carry lesser-known brands that follow interior design’s top trends. We found a similar pendant to the one in Keri’s kitchen at Wayfair.

Keri’s dressing room is both organized and inviting. Instead of using your typical modern closet accessories and furniture, you can always try a flea market to find options. If the idea of big crowds (and the dusty flea market smell!) seems like a nightmare, or you simply want to sleep in on Saturday, some sites such as Etsy or Jayson Home sell amazing vintage finds. There is plenty of room in this leather chest to store your accessories, intimates and clothes.

Linen bedding is the easiest way to make your bedroom feel relaxed and elegant; don’t worry if your sheets have some wrinkles. We think Restoration Hardware has one of the best selections, with a wide range of styles and colors.

Follow Keri’s creative eye- repurpose used materials as décor! She used a crate as a side table to tone down the sophisticated architectural details and the classic lines of the chairs.

By applying these tips and honing your creative eye, you can create your dream home with a few simple updates. No need to be a celebrity for that!

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