One of our favorite design elements is the ever-coveted vanity. We think that getting ready at a vanity is the ultimate indulgence, and they always look so chic! (In fact, we love them so much we once shared our very favorites here on Rue Daily.) Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the space to commit to such a frivolous addition. We’d love to start our morning beauty routine à la Lady Mary, but until we get the dressing room of our dreams… we’ll have to settle on getting ready in the bathroom.

To enhance the process, we’ve scouted a few of our favorite luxurious bathroom essentials. Say goodbye to tacky plastic soap dispensers with coconuts adorning the label, and instead get something with fabulous packaging- don’t worry, our pick from Common Good is also great for the environment! Keep track of your jewelry and trinkets with a chic ceramic dish, store q-tips and cotton balls in glass or marble canisters, and get a towel that complements the colors of your bathroom. (We love these dotted tea towels from Studiopatró!) While it might be less exciting than a vintage vanity table and cushioned bench, small changes like these will look and feel absolutely luxurious- which is the perfect way to start your day.

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