Before the Roaring Twenties, black was reserved strictly for mourning- a case far from today’s chic standards. In fact, during the Victorian and Edwardian ages, if a woman became a widow- she was expected to wear several stages of black dresses to express her sorrow. This often lasted years and it was thought to be wildly inappropriate to wear color during this time.

Once the silver screen started its love affair with Technicolor, filmmakers often dressed starlets in LBDs, as bright colors appeared distorted or blotchy. Of course, Audrey Hepburn made the frock the most glamorous thing you could wear when the world fell in love with Holly Golightly having breakfast in front of the windows at Tiffany’s.

From Kate Moss to Kate Middleton, there is an LBD for every woman and every occasion. Paired with a blazer in the boardroom, a cardigan in the country, or stilettos on a Saturday, the LBD is the ultimate answer for stylistas on the go. We think we speak for all women when we whole-heartedly thank Miss Chanel for her nearly perfect creation.