Every week, it seems like there is some new gadget that has the Internet a buzz. At Rue, we love investigating the latest product or platform- and usually, we’re the ones raving about them! However, we find ourselves gravitating towards a different side of the tech-world… Accessories!! We consider phone and iPad cases like jewelry- they make the outfit! We appreciate cute accessories that make life easier- like battery extenders for when we’re at 8% without an outlet in sight. We love catching up on Netflix and cheeky docking stations make it so much easier to see our content. And while we’re Instagramming, we adore little lens clips that can take our photos to the next level. Of course, we do have to work sometimes… so a Kate Spade USB drive and a pink Pop Phone make meetings and conference calls a stylish breeze. And when we just want to zone out? We plug in the headphones and listen to our favorite album. While we’re passionate about daily advances in technology, we’re equally grateful for just how stylish they can be.

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