When it comes to dog training, the owner must always stay in control. And for the most part our dogs listen to us, especially when we have a treat in our hand. But if we take a look around our homes, it doesn’t look like we are in control of Fido’s toys, bones and dog bed, or even Kitty’s litter. We love our pets but some of their things are just plain ugly and they can take over our spaces. If we are going to have their accessories around, they should at least have a little style to them. So the next time you have guests over and your dog’s bed is out in the middle of the living room, you won’t have the need to apologize. We’ve found items that you’ll be showing off to your friends, rather than hiding in a corner. And even more importantly, your pet will look just as stylish as you on walks around your local neighborhood.

Also on a personal note, I had trouble finding a place to keep my cat’s litter when I was living in my small Manhattan apartment. I decided to splurge on the Modkat kitty litter and it completely changed my life. Not only was I no longer as embarrassed to have it in my living room (there was nowhere else to put it, my kitchen allowed one person to enter at a time), I also wasn’t constantly picking up litter that my at left all over the floor.

Shop Rue’s picks for stylish dog and cat accessories: 1. Striped Kitty Collar // 2. Rope Leash // 3. Dog Shampoo // 4. Ceramic Dog Bowl // 5. Hippo Dog Toy // 6. Litter Box // 7. Faux Leather Dog Bed // 8. Green Kitty Collar