Love the vintage look but feel overwhelmed every time you walk into a jumble-packed consignment shop? Reissued knows just how you feel and is here to help. Reissued is a curated, social marketplace app which features highly-coveted vintage and stylish one-of-a-kind items from hand-picked tastemakers nationwide.

Recently, Reissued joined Margaret Sche in Austin -a town known for the throwback style-  to see her favorite spots to score great vintage. And Reissued’s founder, Jennifer Delonge, is offering up her tips for a great vintage shopping experience! So, the next time you find yourself in Austin, be sure to check out Friends of Sound, Mockingbird Domestics, Charm School, Friends & Neighbors, and Laced with Romance. Until then, search for the perfect distressed denim jacket or ’50s housewife dress with Reissued’s app or at your local vintage shop.

Tips for Vintage Shopping in Austin- and Beyond!
Have a plan. Austin is spread out and some of the best vintage shops are on random side streets you would probably pass by on your own. Map it out or write down the names and use your phone. And, definitely check out South Congress!

Don’t judge a book by its cover. If you see a little house in the middle of nowhere with a rolling rack outside, pull over! Some of the best treasures from our trip were found in random converted homes.

Ask the locals. I am typically a fairly shy traveler that thinks I can figure out all cities on my own, but not the case here. Austin is full of hidden gems, from food to shopping, and the locals are your key to finding them. Everyone I came across was incredibly kind.

Try everything on. Vintage can be a bit finicky, but also a rare treasure hunt. If you find something you love, make sure you try it on for size. If it doesn’t fit right, know that you can always tailor it. Vintage stores are usually final sale, and you want to make sure your garment is going to work.

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