Now that the new year has begun, we are thinking about 2014’s home improvements. Perhaps you are moving to a new apartment, or maybe you are starting spring cleaning early. As much as we love new pieces of furniture to set the tone, often the things we already have could just use a little bit a love to get them to where we want them. In true Rue style we think that your sister’s hand-me-down dresser could be made over to match your new high standard. All you need is a coat of glossy white or matte black paint and a few new pulls to dress it up.

In our opinion, pulls are the buttons of interior design. It was once common to upgrade a mid-priced item of clothing by making a few alterations and changing small details like a jacket’s buttons. The same approach was taken for furniture. Now-a-days we are used to heading to our local furniture store to pick up something new. But, we want to encourage you to think outside the box and find a few finishing touches that will make something dated look contemporary and most importantly, unique. Some of the best interior designers such as Celerie Kemble and Kelly Wearstler show a lot of attention to details such as hardware. Take a page from their book by opting for one of our picks to give your loved piece a new stylish look.

Shop Rue: 1. Polished Nickel Pull // 2. Lucite Pull // 3. Brass Concave Pull // 4. Black Porcelain Pull // 5. Brass Circular Pull // 6. Geometric Steel Pull // 7. Shell Pull // 8. Burgundy Pull // 9. Brass Tab Pull