Do you ever struggle getting dressed in the morning? For us, it can sometimes turn into a major process. So often, we find ourselves wishing we could consult our best friends or share what we’re wearing for feedback- positive OR negative. That’s why we’ve long been fans of the hashtag #ootd (outfit of the day) on Instagram. You can tag what you’re wearing and instantly share with your friends and followers. Of course- on Instagram, there might be a few people who couldn’t care less what you’re wearing each day. That’s where this new marvelous app, #ootd, comes in!

#ootd was founded by Marissa Evans (the same guru behind Go Try It On) when she realized so many women, herself included, often seek a second opinion when it comes to fashion. With #ootd, you can instantly upload your outfit to be voted on. Personally- we find this totally addicting. Not only do we love uploading our own outfits- but it’s a blast browsing through the other outfits and gathering inspiration. Everyday, there is an #ootd winner- and it is always an outfit we’d love to recreate ourselves! Also, when you know your #ootd is going to be voted on- you strive to push your personal style limits and try out new trends. Voting aside- the most fun has to be connecting with other fashionistas  and having a little place on your iPhone or iPad that’s entirely dedicated to style. You can download #ootd here, and when you do- be sure to share your username in the comments below. We’d love to check it out!