Jennifer Beek and Georgie Hambright of J+G Design saw an opportunity to cater to the changes happening in interior design and took the risk to start their own firm. Having gained experience with established and talented designers, they felt confident to start their own venture. Although traditionalists at heart, their approach is anything but that. The idea behind J+G Design is that design should be accessible, no matter what the project is (cocktail party, home office, or first home), or the timeline (within reason). Jen and Georgie have a number of different services, including e-design that can help their clients achieve a stylish home without even having to be in the same city, that allow for flexibility and accessibility.

It’s not just this duo’s innovative thinking that makes them a success, it’s their great traditional-meets-modern taste, and their ability to translate it to a younger audience. At Rue, we love game changers, and we think that J+G Design is definitely one them.

It is truly inspiring to see you both start this great new venture on your own! What was the idea behind J+G Design?

As young designers we always have friends asking us for help. We find that most times they have furniture passed down from their parents or grandparents that they want to get rid of. It is our mission to change perspectives of “old” pieces and make them “cool” again.  Our appreciation for antiques and classic design stems from our traditional training and educational backgrounds. Through our old-meets-new design aesthetic, we aim to lead a new generation to value antiques.

Yes, we couldn’t agree more- there’s nothing like a great antique to give a room context. Was there a specific moment or source of inspiration that made you decide to start your own company?

We both worked for really great designer mentors who took the time to teach us the ins and outs of running a design business. After our first side project was a success, we gained the confidence to take the leap.

What is one lesson that you wish someone told you about before you started?

It’s important to work on your business and not in it. It is really easy to get caught up in the daily grind of running the business. You must stop to celebrate success, even the small ones, or else you loose sight of the big picture.

So true! It’s up to you to give yourself recognition for what you have achieved. It’s definitely a shift of gears when you work for your own company. How would you describe your style as a team as well as individually?

J+G Design’s style can best be described as traditional design through a modern lens.

Georgie’s style is more eclectic and Jen’s style is more classic – together we compliment one another to create spaces that are both fresh and timeless.

What advice would you give our readers when trying to decorate their homes on a tight schedule?

Be realistic and patient! In this world of online flash sales and mainstream retailers it’s easy to get swept up in the thrill of instant gratification.  Be strategic and make sure you have a plan in place before you’re tempted to make impulse purchases. A home should grow and evolve with you – if you buy everything at one store it will show.

Yes, decorating can be really different than shopping for clothes. It’s all about creating a space that will speak to you over the years and on a daily basis. But having that kind of patience can be hard. What is your favorite resource for finding great home décor online?

1st Dibs, especially the Saturday Sales where you can score some great finds that won’t break the bank. It’s our go-to for statement pieces that can instantly elevate the space.

What is one trend in design that you would be happy to see retire?

Don’t follow the trends! If you decorate your house in one specific style you’ll be sick of it in no time. Mix it up, your home should reflect your personality!

Ok, so tell us about this project that you have completed. Who are your clients and what is the concept behind it?

This stylish young married couple approached us to create their first “grown-up” home. All the finishes and fabrics are very rich but not stuffy. Every young, social couple wants to entertain in a glam yet relaxed setting. Giving them quality pieces that could grow with them is the best foundation.  They really admired our aesthetic and gave us the reigns. Those clients are a true joy!

How did you integrate the owners’ own taste, while also introducing them to new styles and pieces?

The client was reluctant to use their parents’ hand-me-down pieces and art, but we thought “jackpot”! They both grew-up in homes with traditional style, but they wanted the apartment to feel like their own. We were able to achieve the look they wanted while incorporating the family heirlooms – the end result is young yet sophisticated.

Lastly, what is one word or phrase that you would each use to describe the most important aspect in designing space?

J: Scale and proportion

G: Functionality