If you thought that Peru’s appeal was limited to a rich history of indigenous ruins and breathtaking landscapes, you’d be mistaken. What was once just another historically relevant country in South America, has now flourished into the continent’s culinary leader, as well as a cultural hotspot for those who love interior design, art and everything in between. If the tang of Pisco sours and the fresh citrus flavor of ceviche wasn’t enough to get you on a plane headed to Lima, we think that Hotel B will do the trick.

Located in the bohemian revival neighborhood of Barranco, Hotel B is a boutique hotel at its finest. Once a Belle Epoque seaside retreat, the building was restored by a team of French and Italian architects, carpenters and sculptors. A three story annex was built along side the original structure with a gorgeous patio in between, to accommodate all of the hotel’s five-star needs. With plenty of originally decorated common rooms (la Biblioteca, la Sala and the Lounge) to work, read and relax, Hotel B is set up for whatever reason you’ve decided to pay Lima a visit.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact style of Hotel B (contemporary colonial, Parisian pop…). While many of the individual elements seem familiar, the mix is quite unique and mysteriously stylish. The muted palette of the furniture, walls and artwork operates in favor of the design’s overall eclectic mix. Ochres, taupes, and browns give the space a feeling of warmth and vibrancy without making it all clash. Another decorating moment of genius for the design team behind the hotel is that you’ll never find a traditional rug and traditional furniture in the same space. A contemporary rug is paired with more traditional velvet upholstered pieces while in another space, a minimal Louis settee sits on top of an oriental rug.

The cleverest element throughout Hotel B is its own private collection of modern artwork and photography, adding an edge to every space. Connected to Barranco’s art scene, the hotel provides its guest with private access to the neighboring Lucida de la Puente Gallery, organizing special events and showings. Since we are lovers of all things beautiful, we adore the fact that Hotel B merges art, interior design, architecture, history and food. And its unique blend of all five means that a visit to Lima and this place in particular is on our to-do list.

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