We first fell in love with Homepolish in our October 2012 issue. (We mean… who could forget those tin ceilings??) The interior design company, founded to shake up the industry, has since grown in strides. Homepolish took a service that’s traditionally been reserved for an elite few and built a business allowing the luxury of a personal interior designer to be available at every budget. They charge a straightforward hourly rate and the process is simple, attainable, and most importantly- fun!

Naturally, when it came time for famed fashion blogger Geri Hirsch to decorate her West Hollywood rental, Homepolish was the obvious solution. Between her popular lifestyle blog & her growing video site, LEAF.tv, she needed a little push to get the space complete. For Geri, the goal was simple. “I wanted to feel at home,” she says. “When I moved in, I had just gone through a break up and needed to build a space that made me feel happy, safe and grounded. I wasn’t nervous about the design elements, I was just anxious to feel at home again.”

Enter Homepolish designer Sayre Ziskin. Over the course of a year, Sayre was instrumental in ensuring Geri’s dream space came to life. When they started the apartment was nearly empty, and Sayre had just become friends with Geri. “I was a bit nervous about taking the friendship into a professional client/designer relationship,” Sayre tells us. “However, working together has brought us closer and now it’s always a fun time having design meetings because we just have fun together along with getting down to the business of design.” She continues, “This place was a gem of a rental and we decided to make it her own​.” 

One of Sayre’s challenges was dealing with the rental’s temporary quality. “You don’t want to go overboard because you’ll have to undo it when you leave. That means wallpaper and hardwired light fixtures are out. You have to get creative with the furnishings and paint.” The other challenge, albeit slightly more inspiring, was incorporating Geri’s love of fashion into the interior. They added a rolling rack in her office, and displayed all of the new pieces sent to her by various designers. The rack ended up serving as a great source of color inspiration and ultimately set the mood for the entire space!

Geri admits her biggest challenge was “getting to the point where I could finally say, ok, this is done.” However, when they reached that point? She was elated. “Sayre is like a top fashion designer whose job is to come up with what’s next, not what’s now, but yet has staying power. Instead of giving in and letting her clients play it safe, she pushes design boundaries and every single project she completes feels familiar yet like nothing you’ve ever seen before. This is her genius.”

1. For the ladies out there, if you’re going to do pink then juxtapose the color with clean, strong lines.
2. If you like modern but warm, take furniture with a masculine silhouette, but soften with muted colors.​
3. When buying pieces for your home, consider this math equation: 40% store-bought, 30% custom, 30% vintage.
4. You don’t have to be matchy-matchy with your wood finishes. Mix-and-match them- it’s okay to do!
5. Just because you like a lot of different styles doesn’t mean they all belong in your home. Pick a direction and stick with it. Be disciplined about your aesthetic and the design will look better in the long run.

Coffee Table // Nightstand // Tulum Print // Living Room Table + Brass Lamp: Arteriors // Pink Couch: Custom by The Sofa Company // Mirrors, Brass Deco Bookends, Desk Chair: Vintage

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