When so much is contrived, especially in the fashion and film world, it’s refreshing to see someone as naturally beautiful and stylish as Gabriella Wilde. The British antidote to the American Kardashian-style of full on makeup and extreme dieting, Gabriella’s approach to her look is completely low maintenance. As a model and an actress, she has plenty of occasions to dress up and play characters, but in her daily life, she admits that her regimen is quite low key: her go to outfit are ‘pair of jeans and a jumper’, little to no foundation, just a great moisturizer. With all of the cremes, powders and body-shaping clothing that a woman can get herself into, it’s nice to see a relaxed approach to beauty come into the mainstream.

Although Gabriella prefers a stripped down look of simplicity, there’s nothing simple about her. Born of an aristocratic Scottish family, her real last name (Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe) and upbringing are quite a mouthful. Even her entry into the modeling world is something completely extraordinary – ‘discovered’ at a dinner party by Naomi Campbell herself, all it took were a few polaroid shots in the bathroom and the next thing she knows she’s modeling for Burberry and Lacoste.

Gabriella’s personal style wins every time, whether she’s on the red carpet or heading to her rocker fiancé, Alan Pownall’s gig. In spite of her youthful ethereal beauty, she prefers more masculine pieces when it comes to her outfits – gray and bluish tones are her favorite, as well as cuts that aren’t skin tight. She even made the cape a new fall staple. All in all, this girl’s get-ready-and-go attitude towards style is something we could all take on in our daily life. It’s more about flaunting what you already have than molding yourself into someone else entirely.

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