If you can tell by our extended slide show, we can’t get enough of this space! Built for the Parade of Homes showcase in St. George, Utah, this home flaunts contemporary design at its best. For those who aren’t familiar with the Parade, it’s an event that highlights new housing design, showing support for American builders and the fantastic structures they create. The interior design team, Alice Lane Home Collection* wanted to show off what the builders of the house had put together by creating a space that had a collected feel with a refined point of view.

Their main source of inspiration? Specific pieces. Although there wasn’t a family living in the home, they wanted to design according to the way that real people design by gravitating towards specific pieces that work well together, instead of coming up with a design concept and artificially placing matching items in a room. Their project began by selecting classic furniture such as the wishbone chairs in the dining area and then layering in pieces that had a unique look- the rug in the living room, by Thom Filicia, had an organic abstract pattern that linked the decor with the home’s incredible natural surroundings. Also by Thom Filicia is the horse artwork above the mantel. And one of their favorite finds was the framed minerals by Christopher Marley in the main bedroom.

We love that the designers of Alice Lane Home Collection created a home that feels both masculine and feminine. The light calming colors of the master bedroom and living room work well to contrast the moody hues of the study. We think that this home is a great lesson in how to create a space that works for both genders without having an awkward mix of the overly feminine with the masculine. The seating areas, for example, feel plush enough to appeal to family lounging without looking oversized, and the boyish guest room looks sophisticated enough to welcome all types visitors.

We’re so impressed with the thought that went into this home, giving it real life and character. How beautiful is that organic burled wood bowl in the living room!? Although this is a showcase space, where the designers didn’t have any particular family in mind, it speaks to us, making us feel like we could move right in!

Shop Rue: 1. Mirror // 2. Chain Sculpture // 3. Pillow // 4. Wishbone Chair // 5. Table Lamp // 6. Woven Baskets

Alice Lane Home Collection is not just an amazing design team, they also have a boutique in Orem, Utah. Everything in this space can be purchased through them by calling 801.802.6266.