It’s so easy to fall into the same boring beauty routine each morning. A combination of basic foundation, bronzer, neutral eyeshadow, and mascara seem to be every girl’s go-to. And while simple, neutral makeup is our preference… there is something so alluring about electric color!

When you first come face to face with bright blue eyeshadow or hot pink blush- it can be extremely intimidating. After all, no one wants to intentionally look like Mimi from Drew Carey. The trick to adding such bright colors is to only focus on one area at a time: cheeks, eyes, OR lips. If you add intense color to more than one area of your face, it can be over the top or unflattering.

If you’re unsure what bold hues will go best with your coloring- Rue suggests paying a visit to your favorite makeup counter and trying the product on. You can see if you prefer cobalt blue versus glittering gold, or if an orange lipstick suits you better than an electric pink. And of course, everything in moderation- if you’re still nervous about the trend, ease in slowly. Try a liquid eyeliner as opposed to full shadow, or transition to a slightly amped up version of the blush you already wear. We believe that even though this look can be intimidating at first, anyone can pull it off with flying colors!

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