A few months ago, we shared a tutorial on creating the perfect gallery wall. Today’s Trick to Try is based on the same principal- but with a little twist! All you need is a can of chalkboard paint (in any color) and a collection of frames. We’re partial to gold, but think this could look really sophisticated with natural birch frames as well. Arrange the frames in any layout you like, but leave the centers empty! The rest is up to you… and ever-changing!

Our example image (designed by Bonnee Sharp) is a great kid-friendly option, but this would be so much fun in an adults-only home as well. You could treat it as a “guestbook” for all of your guests, or just take advantage of the extra space to express your creativity. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter! And once you’re bored with the layout? Wipe it all down and start again.

Image originally appeared as part of “A Penchant for Pattern” in our March/April 2011 here