Will Taylor, or Mr. Bazaar as he’s known to most, is a freelance interiors journalist and the blogger behind Bright Bazaar. Based in London, Will has a penchant for all things colorful and a keen eye for killer design.

Most Likely To Photograph:
Brilliant colors, textures, and patterns (both indoors and out), cities and landscapes that most of us only dream of, and photos that make even the most dreary day seem bright.

Why We Love Him:
Following @brightbazaar transforms your Instagram feed from boring to bright- quite literally! Mr. Bazaar has a way of taking the most mundane scenes and identifying the beauty- capturing it perfectly along the way. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that this globetrotter often finds himself in places like NYC, London, Provence, and Paris. Whether he’s on a walk in his neighborhood or heading across the pond, each image he shares is a direct reflection of his aesthetic; a mini blog post composed in a tiny square. His images leave us intrigued, inspired, and ready for adventure… just as any good photo should. @brightbazaar will be a Rue favorite for years to come!