Have you ever wondered how to become a social media superstar? From tons of followers to consistent and cohesive content- some people seem to have a natural knack for creating an online brand. We’re always totally inspired by this, so we thought it was the perfect time to start our new Plugged In series. We’ll be sharing insider tips in all areas of social media- Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. No matter your platform preference- we’re bringing in the pros to dish on the ins and outs of each channel. Plus, they’ll be sharing personalized suggestions for branding your own profiles and growing your following.
The first media maven in the series is our very own Maia McDonald. Maia is the Art Director for Rue, the blogger behind Conundrum, and an important member of the Pinterest community. With nearly 2 million followers (1.8 to be exact), she clearly knows what she’s doing. We took a break from our normal to-do lists to chat all things Pinterest:When did you first start using Pinterest?
I got started on Pinterest very early on after seeing a blog post about it on Sf Girl by Bay. As soon as I started using it I immediately loved it. As a graphic designer it was great to be able to keep and share what was inspiring me.
Why do you think Pinterest has become (and stayed) a huge success?
I think it’s just captured peoples love for keeping and sharing beautiful things.
How do you stay organized?
I try not to post too many of the same type of thing in a row and I try to keep everything really visually beautiful together. But I’m not super organized about it, I mainly just pin what I like.
What is your favorite part about Pinterest?
Finding something really amazing that I’ve never seen before, like a photo of a far off place. I also really delight in imagery that is beautifully shot and styled, seeing something in a new way is always exciting to me. It’s fun to see my aesthetics and taste change over time too, and how what I pin effects other areas of my visual life.
What are your Top 5 Tips for other users on Pinterest? 
1: I think first and foremost you need to keep in mind that Pinterest is a visual medium, so even if you find something that you think is interesting, if it doesn’t have a stunning visual to represent it, Pinterest might not be the right place for it to be shared.
2: Vertical images tend to get more interaction.
3: Be consistent in your pinning.
4: Be picky about the people you follow.
5: Pin at different times throughout the day.
Thanks for the tips, Maia! We know we’ll be applying them to the Rue account ASAP!! Readers, if you’re on Pinterest, leave your URL in the comments below. We’d love to follow you!