Emily Schuman created her blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere, in 2008. A true blogging pioneer, women have turned to Emily for outfit ideas, entertaining inspiration, and now — their shopping fix. Shop Cupcakes and Cashmere is an online shopping destination that takes the C&C brand to the next level. Shoppers can find Emily’s clothing line, as well as exclusive collaborations and hand-selected apparel, gifts, and homeware. Today, the tastemaker is taking over #RueDaily, sharing how to be the ultimate party guest:

As a host, there’s nothing wrong with asking guests to contribute to a spread—far from it! I’ve often asked friends to grab a bottle of wine or a baguette on their way over, but nine times out of ten, when guests text me to ask if there’s anything they can bring, I’ll say “Nothing!”—and mean it. That doesn’t mean I’m not thrilled when a friend walks in the door with a small gift. It’s a nice way to say, “I know you’ve probably been cooking this meal for hours—and I appreciate it.” While flowers or wine are perfectly acceptable hostess gifts, and I’m happy anytime I receive either, there’s something to be said for receiving something with a personal touch. Any time I want to go the extra mile and show the host or hostess how much I care, I pair a homemade gift (usually food!) with an item they can keep long after the evening has ended. In the slideshow, you’ll find some ideas for pairing recipes with gifts that last.