San Francisco’s tech companies get buzz for their generous staff cafeterias but rarely are the setting of intimate dinner parties. That changed when the hosts behind Postrivoro decided to host their first-ever event in the United States at Airbnb. The idea for this group and dinner was born out of a desire to create a space dedicated to young chefs where all barriers around food could be torn down, and the concept of fine dining could be playfully disrupted. Postrivoro’s unique approach – pairing two international chefs with a beverage professional and an emerging artist or design team to create the interior and table – has helped to create a rich series of unrepeatable experiences that exist at the intersection of food, art and design. Perfect for the disruptive Bay Area.

We spoke to Andrea Montesi, one of the designers at Bartoletti & Cicognani who were responsible for the evening’s décor. It was Bartoletti & Cicognani’s second time collaborating with Postrivoro, and, in honor of bringing the experience across the Atlantic, the tablescape was inspired by the idea of bringing “a group of people together to dine under an Italian pergola in the early summer heat.” Despite the November crisp outside, “we wanted to magically transport the guests far away from the Airbnb HQ into a familiar, outdoor atmosphere.” Together with Campari America and chefs August Lill of Sweden and Semi Hakim of Turkey,

While the dinner brought together top professionals, Andrea believes “to create an unforgettable experience, it doesn’t matter the scale or the glitzy details. It’s important to be able to induce a real excitement in the participants.” It’s all about the unexpected elements that transport guests, such as the creation of a pergola over the dining table. To create the feeling of dining al fresco while inside, FIRM lined the center of the table with ferns. Andrea says, “It’s also really important to use raw materials or plants to create a natural perception of the space.” The effect was amplified by a coarse linen table cloth and ceramic charger plates.

See the whole evening in the slideshow!