“Arm party” is a trending topic nowadays in fashion. The term was first coined by Leandra Medine on her blog, Manrepeller, after many readers were drawn to her eclectic mix of accessories on one wrist. But there’s more to this concept than just simply mixing and matching, this important fashion real-estate can make a big impression if done the right way. Sure, it’s great to mix-and-match various types of accessories, many of which are costume jewelry, but just it is just as important to have a a combination of inexpensive pieces and high-end show-stoppers, one of which should be a sleek watch.

Like bags and shoes, watches can be great investment pieces – they withstand our fluctuating figures (we love Thanksgiving too much to hold back) and if you find the right one, they can be worn year after year. That’s why this holiday season we’re lusting after a classy watch, one that will set the tone for our looks of 2015 and can be something that dresses up some of our fast fashion finds.

We recently discovered Michele watches, whose pieces appeal to us not just because they’re stunning, but because they can be personalized according to our lifestyle. For those of us at the office who are cocktail dress wearing gals, their Deco collection is the perfect accessory for the LBD. We also have a few casual-leaning editors who live in jeans that swear by the Jelly Bean collection. And for those who are particularly picky, they can design their own. So really, everyone is happy… and it looks like we’ll be swapping out the designer shoes on our holiday wish list for a designer watch!

Shop Rue: 1. Deco Watch // 2. Navy Watch // 3. Gold Watch // 4. Pearl Toned Watch // 5. Double Strap Watch // 6. Burgundy Watch // 7. Black Watch // 8. White Watch