Ahh Belgium… known for it’s gourmet chocolates, oversized waffles and French fries (they really should be called Belgian fries). But although it’s a clearly covetable destination for culinary indulgences it’s also a lesser-known location for fashion. The world has its eyes on Paris, Milan and London but maybe they should be taking a better look at Antwerp. After-all Martin Margiela calls it his hometown. But there’s another fashionista from this northern Belgian city that has caught our eye – founder of Fashionata, Sofie Valkiers.

This statuesque blogger makes a big impact not just for her perfectly shiny cropped hair and long legs but for her bold style choices. There are people who come to fashion week mixing and matching to the point that looks like they might not have been able to see what they were pulling out of their closet. But then there are those supremely fashionable people who can pull off boundary-breaking pieces by making them look easy to wear. Sofie’s style is anything but vanilla, flaunting bold prints, bright colors and unusual volumes for an enviable result.

The key to Sofie’s style is that she is both adventurous and restrained. Sure, she’ll wear a candy stripe maxi skirt, but her hair, makeup and accessories are ultra-sophisticated. If she’s going for a blown up printed blouse, she’ll match it with sleek pumps and a pencil skirt. Her beauty look is clean and simple – a nude lipstick is her go to item along with perfect skin (fresh fruit smoothies seem to be her daily fix). But ultimately, she can pick out just the right graphic pattern: nothing harsh or juvenile. We love her ability to make daring choices that work instead of overwhelm. It might even inspire us to steer away from all black. “Might”, we said…

Shop Rue: 1. Dress // 2. Lipstick // 3. Sunglasses // 4. Bag // 5. Ring // 6. Boot