While we love fall fashion (sweaters, scarves, and coats- oh my!), we aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the colors of summer. We’re expecting the long months of winter to be saturated with hunter green, inky indigo, and rich cranberry, so we’ll be spending all of autumn focused on lighter, brighter counterparts – pastels!

Though pastels tend to soften up a look, they can actually bring a bit of edge to the traditional dark color palette of fall. Look for pieces with interesting texture, and pair with dark, moody neutrals. Also, autumn is the perfect opportunity to update classic pieces for the long season ahead. At Rue, we’re think it’s the perfect time to upgrade our watches. MICHELE Watches bring modern trends while maintaining an air of elegance. The only question? Do we choose between the Signature Deco or the Serein?

OUTFIT 1: 1. Watch // 2. Necklace // 3. Sweater // 4. Belt // 5. Jeans // 6. Scarf // 7. Boots // 8. Earrings // OUTFIT 2: 1. Watch // 2. Lipstick // 3. Necklace // 4. Jumpsuit // 5. Coat // 6. Bag // 7. Shoes