With a whole lot of controversy going around about women’s body image, it’s nice to see actresses like Amanda Seyfried and Keira Knightley speak out against their troublesome encounters in the film industry. So much is manipulated through makeup, clothes and photoshop that it sometimes feels as though there’s a whole other standard that we should be able to live up to but can’t (and that works both ways, for both a slimmer silhouette and a curvaceous one). But we appreciate Keira not just because she’s a fantastic actress, or because she lets us in on the realities of show-business, but because she seems to march to her own beat – whether it’s in her own personal life or with her style.

There’s something quite unique in how Keira dresses – when she’s trotting down the sidewalks of London she opts for an androgynous look, with masculine pieces that work well with her thin frame. However, when she’s working the red carpet she goes in the opposite direction with dresses that are ultra feminine in an old Hollywood style. Although working with opposite extremes, there’s a quality that works throughout her looks that can only be described as “simplicity”. Whether it’s highlighting basic materials (denim, silk, wool) or simple silhouettes (a round neck dress), she doesn’t over complicate things. Although she’s clearly fashion conscious, we get the feeling that Keira doesn’t want to overthink what she’s wearing and knows just the right thing to accentuate – her tiny waist.

If you love her masculine casual style, go for high-waisted pleated pants, a pair of loafers and a silk blouse. If you’re inspired by her feminine dressed up outfits, look for dresses in vintage style fabrics and demure silhouettes. Her hair is never overly styled and her makeup tends towards the natural side. It’s a style that can be easily recreated for its accessible pieces and practicality.

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