For those who are style conscious, fashion sometimes dictates lifestyle. But once in a blue moon, the opposite is true. There are times when we have the energy and drive to polish ourselves to look runway ready, and then there are times when we have to head to our local supermarket or hang out at a friend’s house when being put together just takes too much time. For those moments, the fashion world has caught up with us and has created fashion sweatpants or joggers as they are sometimes called.

We’ve seen this trend gain traction over the past few years: Lululemon has revolutionized when and how we wear yoga pants, and now we’re moving on to comfortable, yet stylish sweatpants. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that hoards of us will be walking around in exercise gear. Fashion sweatpants have been styled with regular tops, footwear and jackets to be integrated into our every-day looks.

For those spontaneous, casual moments in our lives, we think that a pair of black, heather gray, or blue jersey pants can be just the right element to make it easier. In our experience the best way to pull it off without looking like you jumped out of bed is to find a pair that have a slim fit (still showing off your best curves) and should be styled with a trendy jacket (moto or blazer) to dress it up. Our favorite footwear to complete the look is a pair of fashion sneakers, such as a pair of Converse, or slippers. Just be sure that you don’t go too far in the casual direction and forget to do something with your hair. If time doesn’t permit much effort, a high pony can be a fast way to still look polished.

We’re definitely into this trend, but how about you? Is this a new must-have staple for fall?

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