What’s a better way to celebrate a full moon in summer than a gathering of boss ladies enjoying dinner outside on a farm? For Chelsea Sonksen, who runs Bossladies, the first business magazine for creative, entrepreneurial women, it was a natural fit. “I went to my first Full Moon Supper when I was eighteen at Salt Water Farm in Maine. I remember thinking it was such a magical, almost witchy, ritual of dining outdoors with such attention to the moon. At the farm, it was about acknowledging the crop that had been produced during that moon cycle. When I decided to host one here in Los Angeles, I was focused on holding a space of gratitude for the cycle that has just passed – both in business and in life – and creating space and energy for the next chapter.”

With the goal of an event that felt “natural yet refined and rustic with an understated elegance,” Chelsea brought together a stellar team and hosted the event at the family farm of her friend, Britt Alwerud, the founder of Handlr. The highlight for Chelsea? “After dinner we cozied up on pillows and fur rugs around the fire pit with mezcal and talked about everything under the sun – or moon, rather. It was this beautiful moment where women who had been strangers a few hours before opened up like old friends.”

The next full moon is coming up August 7, so get inspired for your own celebration in the slideshow!