Happy holidays… our December issue is here!

It’s no secret that December is my favorite month, and the holidays have everything to do with that. For me, the true gift of the season is that it grants us special permission to throw ourselves wholeheartedly into making a house a home. We decorate our spaces, cook favorite family recipes, fill the kitchen with scrumptious scents, and welcome loved ones into our living spaces with great warmth. If we are intentional about how we spend our time, December allows us to intimately connect with all that is true to us.

As I reflect back on 2015 – perhaps the most poignant year of my life yet – I am most grateful for having become a mother after my husband, Andrew and I welcomed our baby boy into this world last April. Never have I reflected more on what kind of a home I want to create for my family than now. While all the intangibles – traditions, values, and love – matter implicitly to me, so does designing a home for my family that nurtures growth, inspiration, and peace. Now that we are a family of three, I thought it was the perfect time to invite all of you into our home this holiday season. On page 100, I open our doors to you – please come in!

From our home to yours, we wish you all the happiness of the holiday season!


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