Of all the homes we get to peek inside, often our favorite ones are the designers’ homes. There is something about the combination of highly personal design and educated risk taking that make these home really stand out. That’s true for this home, which until recently was the home of Maureen Stevens of Maureen Stevens Design.

Personal is a word she used to describe this home. She says, “There were a variety of items I integrated into our home design, even if they didn’t seem like a great fit at first. I am a nostalgic, memorabilia kind of designer, so even if an item that I treasured would seemingly not work initially, I would create a vignette where it could definitely work. Some of these items include a beloved vintage rug from Santa Fe in the living room, a rustic flea market light which found its way to the dining room, my first big chair purchase, and a pair of white tufted chairs (I think it’s now 15 years old and it always comes with me — six different houses and counting!)”

When asked how this home differs from her projects for clients, Maureen laughed. “This one is different because it was ours. Interior designers are our own worst clients—I guess in the same way that doctors are the worst patients! We’re the worst as far as planning, getting organized and budgeting — things I am a stickler about when working on somebody else’s projects. It’s also different because it is very personal. We reused a lot of items we liked and loved and have treasured for years, including furniture and of course, travel keepsakes and more.”

See Maureen’s home in the slideshow!