We often interview designers who are working on a second project with a favorite client, but in this case that second project is.. the original home. Jeff Schlarb originally worked on this home “two to three years ago… a light renovation opening up the dining/family room and making the floor plan better when they moved in.” After his client enjoyed the home for a few years, she brought Jeff back in to really bring the space to life. As he put it, “we reconvened to do a second layer of awesome decor, wallpaper and accessories.”

The goal for the home was “boho, approachable, but balanced view that is nice and neat.” All of the accessories and art in the home belonged to the client, who had previously worked as a fashion stylist in boutique clothing stores. Jeff sourced the larger pieces and fabrics that tied the space together. He says, “She drives the look of her home in a lovely focused way, more so than many, and it always feels like a true collaboration.”

See the whole home in the slideshow!