Fitness has gone far beyond the stereotypical gym, filled with dumbbells and treadmills. In this day and age, you can easily find any fitness center to fit your needs — a large cross fit garage, a tiny ballet studio, even someone who will take you on a hike! In the heart of West Hollywood, CA, Russell Simmons has brought his lifelong passion for yoga to fruition — Tantris is here.

The 8,000 square foot Sunset Strip wellness center is an all-inclusive yoga hotspot with thoughtful design. The space includes a grand staircase (with Sanskrit quotes on every other step), carefully curated art and ancient yoga relics, and a devotional wall. There’s a meditation room, which is beautiful and calming — a perfect retreat from the hustle of Hollywood. There is also the retail store, where guests can purchase Tantris apparel and yoga gear — it’s one of our favorite lines! And to round out the experience, don’t miss the energy bar with pre- and post-workout treats or the blow-dry bar, which proudly uses Aveda products.

Okay, so in addition to all of the magnificent amenities, there’s actual yoga happening too! Each day, there are regular and hot yoga classes taught by world renowned instructors.  The playlist might be the best part, with a wide variety artists (think Kanye and Krishna Das) ushering you through each challenging pose.  And rumor has it… Russell attends at least twice a day. Now THAT’S motivating!