Yara Shahidi, star of ABC’s Black-ish, has a lot on her plate. She’s the star of one show and about to launch her own spin-off (College-ish), she just graduated high school this month, she regularly graces cover stories and best dressed lists, AND she uses her platform to speak out for diversity and gender in the media. She’s keeping busy (and in general, killing it.) So it’s no surprise that, despite a strong interest in fashion and design, it’s taken her some time to create a bedroom that truly represents her point of view. Now, thanks to Laurel & Wolf’s design experts and PBTeen, Yara’s bedroom does just that.

She says, “Looking around my room you’ll see how many hobbies and how many interests I have just from the books alone. If you look in my room right now the books range from a one on Pharrell Williams to James Baldwin essays to a Vonnegut encyclopedia, which is my favorite thing. Everything about me personally is so unique to who I am and I wanted my room to reflect that. To be able to design my room, I feel like it was a chance to finally have it become more of my space. I’m such a vivid person and I wanted my space to match that.”

With the launch of College-ish, Yara is taking a gap year (before heading to Harvard) but still prioritized space for a desk within her bedroom. She’ll need it for reading scripts, but also for continuing her initiatives focused on philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and women in business. Tall bookcases flank either side of the desk, showcasing Yara’s collection of cameras, favorite books, and mementos from travel. A mix of patterns on the bed enlivens the space with calming shades of blue and green, while crisp white and black details bring classic elegance.

Take a peek at Yara’s bedroom in the slideshow!