Like the public areas (and many of the residences) of The Harrison, Ken Fulk designed the top floor residents’ lounge to break away from the prevailing modern trend for Bay Area residential towers. He says, “The public spaces at The Harrison were designed as if it were a grand private residence, rather than as a typical lobby or amenity area. The rooms have a nod towards old world San Francisco with its continental flair and elegance–yet they’re modern and fresh at the same time. These rich and sophisticated spaces are a reflection of our city’s position today amongst the great cities of the world.”

Being at the top of one’s of San Francisco’s tallest buildings means the lounge, named Uncle Harry’s, boasts views of the Bay Bridge, downtown, and Sutro Tower. “As you stand in front of these panoramic views of the Bay with Treasure Island in the near distance,” Ken reflects, “it feels like you could be living in any moment of San Francisco history. Throughout the years, this city has been a gateway to the Pacific and the world beyond—and we are on that same world stage again—so that was our inspiration.”

Of course, with Ken’s designs, we don’t blame you for never noticing the view. Uncle Harry’s walks the line between making a grand statement and being a cozy retreat. The jewel-toned room is full of one-of-a-kind furnishings, collected objects, and curated art. “It’s meant to feel like the living room of your most interesting ancestor—that adventurous, world-traveling great uncle,” Ken says. While not open to the public, he is sharing a peek inside with Rue readers and we’re sharing the design details to steal for your own grand salon. See it in the slideshow!