Last week, we profiled Nashville designer Hannah Crowell. (You can catch the interview here.) It was a joy to introduce our readers to the talented designer who describes her style as “bohemian modern meets down-to-earth Southern.” Today, we’re sharing one of her recent projects — a beach house in Inlet Beach, FL. (It’s a coastal town next door to Rosemary Beach on the ever popular 30A.) Hannah wanted to create a modern yet coastal vibe that would stand out amongst the more traditional houses in the area. By using Moroccan & Indian inspired elements, and lots of vintage textiles, the results are stunning. We’re chatting with Hannah to learn more:

Hi Hannah! Tell us a bit about the clients.
They are Nashvillians who are both in consulting. They have young children (our kids at one point went to the same school unbeknownst to us!) and travel a lot. We wanted to create a beautiful vacation home for them—a place where they can get quality time together, away from work and busy schedules.

What was your initial vision for the space, and how did you bring it to life?
My client is Indian. Her home here in Nashville doesn’t really reflect her heritage, and I felt that was important. I wanted to give them something that was a subtle nod to her youth in India, while not being kitschy, or losing the modern, bright feel I wanted.

The vibe is definitely very coastal, yet still feels quite modern. How did you strike that balance and avoid the “beach house” cliches?
I have been vacationing down there since I was a kid, and I have never once rented a house that I loved. I was determined to create something that would be my ideal vacation home—a home that had that airy beach vibe, but without the painting of fish and overuse of corals and aquas. I love Moroccan textiles and Indian block prints, so I tried to incorporate that where I could to give it a personality that was totally unto itself.

Do you have any favorite pieces in the space?
I love the chandeliers. They are major statement pieces and just gorgeous. I also love the block print fabric for the dining end chairs. John Robshaw is one of my favorite textile designers, and I used a good bit of his fabrics in this project. The LEE sofas are so comfortable you never want to leave them, and the slip covers can be bleached, which is essential for a vacation home and small kids!

Get a closer look at the space in the slideshow.