On Tuesday we shared a nursery designed by Susie Herr of boutique design studio Mend. Today, we’re featuring the master bed and bath that she designed as part of the same project.

Tell us a little more about this project and the family that calls it home.
Phil and Stacia have lived in their architectural Cliff May Rancho home for over ten years. Both work as creatives: Phil is a Sr. Art Director at Saatchi & Saatchi and Stacia is the owner of Frosted Cupcakery. So it’s natural that they would want a home that reflects their creative personalities. As soon-to-be new parents, they wanted to make sure their home was set up efficiently for their expanding family. The master bath did not function well for the couple, there was barely any storage, and no existing tub. The bathroom had a small footprint but I was tasked with adding as much storage as possible along, adding a bathtub and no mosaic tiles whatsoever. The couple was completely over the original tiles, so no tiny tiles were to be used in the redesign. The baby’s arrival was definitely a driving factor for this remodel, so time was a major factor in this renovation.

An impending baby arrival can definitely constrict timelines. Even if the process was sped up, the result feels calming!
I love how crisp and bright the bedroom and bathroom are, like a breath of fresh air. This family loves pattern and they love color, but when it came to designing their bedroom, my clients wanted a space in the home where they could retreat and recharge. I like how there is just a bit of color and texture in the bedroom. I also like that the bedroom can be versatile if they want to switch out bedding and accessories to change with the seasons. Of course, I love the pattern cement tiles in the bathroom; they bring just the right amount of punch for that space. Although the floor tiles are an impactful pattern, the bathroom feels timeless.

See the impressive before & after in the slideshow.