TV personality, journalist, and social media influencer/ blogger Catt Sadler relied on her sense of style to build her career. But knowing fashion is a whole different wheelhouse than interior design, so when it came to creating an “elevated, glamorous, and sophisticated space” in her home, Catt knew she wanted someone to bounce ideas off of and help guide the way. She enlisted the online interior design service Laurel & Wolf and worked with Kimberly Winthrop to turn her dreams into reality.

Together, the two woman started by brainstorming all the possibilities. Kimberly says, “Catt and I came up with a lot of different design ideas for her space, ranging from an all black and navy moody room to something more boho-chic. The one common theme that was carried through every iteration was that Catt wanted a space that was feminine and just for her.” This ended up creating this biggest challenge of the project- selecting a direction! “Catt and I had come up with two really great designs and color palettes that were total opposites – we loved each and felt both could work in the space. In the end, we felt that the brighter palette was more of a reflection of Catt and what she wanted for the space… We landed on a bright space with just the right amount of feminine glam, that is durable enough to stand up to a family of pets and teenage boys but sophisticated enough for her to entertain and host parties.”

And the design has created just what Catt desired. “Since the room has been finished we’ve been migrating there when company comes over. We’ve sipped a few glasses of champagne. So far, it’s been a room to converse in, mostly. It doesn’t elicit being on your phone. It elicits a true feeling of ‘visiting’ with other humans.”

Working with a designer opened up alternative options from fabrics, to wallpaper, to key furniture pieces. Catt laughs, “It was like Christmas every time I opened my inbox. She was exceptional at listening to my strong opinions on certain decisions and ultimately wanted me to be happy.” Kimberly tightly edited the space, to fit with Catt’ preferred style. “I think my personal style is warm and inviting, but also erring on the minimal side,” Catt explains. “I despise clutter or too much of anything- makes me feel heavy. I don’t over accessorize when I get dressed and I certainly don’t want too many knick knacks in my home. Less is more.”

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