A typical nursery design involves one room. Gabriela Eisenhart and Holly Conlan, the duo behind Wake + Loom, aren’t your typical interior designers. This nursery is actually three spaces, all designed to work together. And while the nursery space is sweet and calming, the space as a whole works for all ages. Learn more below.

The need for a nursery instigated this project but it actually encompasses several spaces. What was your design directive for this project?
Our client’s designs were threefold. Her needs for the nursery aspect of the project were to create a space that felt soft, light and bright with a lot of texture and sophisticated touches that weren’t typical nursery choices. The second aspect of the project was to redesign the connecting bathroom, which again was to be light and bright, with feminine hints and brass accents throughout. And lastly, the goal for the outdoor patio space was to bring in a lot of color with the plants and make a cozy space to soak up the sun.

The nursery and bathroom are directly connected, and the patio is just outside off of the nursery. To keep the spaces cohesive we made sure to use a lot of the same color and texture choices. We incorporated a lot of subtle bohemian elements throughout each space as well.

What was your inspiration?
We were really inspired by the idea of creating a space that felt basically like living on a cloud. We love whimsical elements like wallpapering the ceiling to create a blush and gold starry sky, as well as the plush, coziness of the the rug. Our client was also a big part of the inspiration, as she has such a soft, sweet energy that we wanted to embody in the space as well.

What was the biggest design risk you took that paid off?
Wallpapering the ceiling is something we are constantly trying to push our clients to do, but it doesn’t always happen. It’s a bold choice that can really change the vibe of a space, and also is a labor-intensive choice to undo. Luckily with this project the risk paid off and turned out rather dreamy.