When we saw Joanna Hawley’s bedroom makeover start floating around the web, we were enamored. The Seattle lifestyle blogger (you may know her as Jojotastic) had taken a tiny, barely functional space and turned it into a beautiful retreat. As she describes it, “Honestly, this room is the culmination of all my favorite things into one room. It’s a sanctuary for me, my place to go at the end of a long day to unwind and take care of myself.”

Joanna made a few savvy design decisions that made the most of every square inch. Specifically, she used custom window coverings to her advantage. By installing a custom fitted roman shade from Barn & Willow, she still can take advantage of those sunny days in Seattle without a big, bulky curtain or blinds taking up visual space. The shade is mounted inside the window frame, and the linen fabric she chose blends seamlessly into the wall. It keeps that entire side of the room feeling very light and airy.

Joanna also utilized custom window coverings elsewhere in the space… but not for windows! Before the renovation, the bedroom didn’t have a closet. (The before photos are jaw dropping.) She created a custom closet system along the wall (you can read about the process here), and again called on Barn & Willow, covering the entire wall with linen curtains. When closed, it just looks like a wall — and it hides the laundry if it starts to pile up!

Turns out, custom window coverings can make all the difference. We were intrigued as well, so you can expect a “window makeover” from one of our team members soon! To learn more about Barn & Willow’s customization options, click here. And, you can order free swatches here! Now, if you’ll excuse us… we’ll be obsessing over every last image from Joanna’s bedroom for the rest of time.