Kimberley and Adam Weinstein moved into their Los Angeles home soon after their engagement. Then life happened and suddenly the home was full with two daughters, August and Zoe. As Kimberly worked to design the nursery during her first pregnancy, she turned to friend and interior designer Lauren Krieger who worked with virtual decorating platform Hutch to help complete the design.

The timing was serendipitous as Hutch recently added Nursery to its collection of room options (along with living room, dining, and bedroom.) This nursery launch marks the beginning of an exciting rollout of new features to be released within the next few months, including but not limited to: paint/wall colors (ability to swap out different colors + purchase the paint as well), home office, different layouts, “in your own space,” and the ability to incorporate existing furniture when decorating in your own space.

At first Lauren and Kimberley envisioned a navy room, but once Kimberly fell in love with her pink dresser, the design quickly went blush. Lauren had the walls painted Head Over Heels by Benjamin Moore and rounded out the space with natural wood tones and neutrals.

According to Lauren, “The biggest challenge was the architecture of the space – so many doors! With a window or door(s) on almost every wall, our options for the layout was limited.” Another challenge was an abundance of light from the large windows, so their designer opted for blackout curtains to help control light for seamless (ha!) nap time routines. Many items were gifts from Kimberley’s baby shower, and to solve the common clutter issue in nurseries, they purchased stylish storage baskets for the mini library bookshelf. Kimberley says, “August loves the ability to play in her bedroom – and since I have a tendency to over-furnish and clutter I owe this “freedom” to Lauren. Lauren not only helped design an aesthetically pleasing room, but she had tremendous insights as it related to flow and energy which our family reaps the benefits of everyday.”