When Morgan Spenla, founder of The Crafter’s Box, and her husband, Kevin, bought their 1930s Spanish-style home, they planned to DIY the whole house themselves in two years. Turns out, Morgan says, “It took about five times as long! But the thoughtfulness with which spaces were planned and the ability to do most of the work ourselves made it worth it.” The home had been remodeled by the previous owners in the 70s, as evidenced by the blue Formica and rainbow carpet. Luckily, Morgan saw the potential in “this little casita,” as she calls the home.

Among the home’s features are coved ceilings, archways between rooms, lathe and plaster texture walls. The last room to be renovated was the master suite. According to Morgan, “The master bedroom and bathroom were two separate spaces originally so when we sought to combine them into one beautiful retreat space, we brought in architectural elements that we were hoping would continue to emphasize that same character.” Most notable? The monster beam Kevin found in a reclaimed lumber pile that now serves as the distinguishing separation between the bedroom and bath areas of the suite. Morgan says, “We continued with a Mediterranean-style tile, a subtle Spanish texture on the walls, white everywhere (which ties so much together), and lots of built-ins. Though it’s quite modern, the aesthetic character nuances of the space match the rest of the home nicely.”

Where before two rooms had felt small and tight, removing the barrier wall opened up the space and allowed for new possibilities. After all, Morgan asks, “Who needs that wall in a master? As we were smashing into things in full construction mode, most of our friends and family thought we were crazy for creating a bedroom/bathroom in one but the (new!) amount of space and intimacy of our little ‘retreat’ is more than amazing.”

See the results in the slideshow (including the soaking tub that is the star of the show!)