“Ceia” means supper in Portuguese. This new restaurant is more than just another place to enjoy a sophisticated meal in Lisbon – it’s a new iteration of a fresh new hospitality concept that is spreading all over the world. Within an intimate setting of a large and shared oak dining table, the “guests” (not “clients”) of Ceia are given an experience of being invited to someone’s private home. 

Located within Lisbon’s already Instagram famous Santa Clara 1728 hotel, Ceia takes the “transactional” feel out of the restaurant experience. From Wednesday to Saturday, for dinner only, you can enjoy a delightfully complex and elegant, yet simply presented meal by chef Pedro Pena Bastos. Everything about Santa Clara 1728 and Ceia is local – from the “Lioz” limestone marble floors to the handcrafted dishware by local ceramicists. The ingredients for the food are seasonal but connected to the hotel’s over-arching brand Silent Living. Soon they will craft cheeses and cured meats in their newest project Horta do Tempo: a vegetable garden, cheese factory, and meat cellar connected to their other hotel Casa No Tempo