Homes built on spec can often feel empty, like they are still waiting for an owner to provide a cohesive identity for the space. Not so for this home by LA Build Corp, one of Los Angeles’ most detail-driven general contractors.

LA Build Corp’s President Ami Harari shares more about the project. He says, “The inspiration was to keep the feel of the original, Spanish neighborhood, but to update the style. We ended up with a Modern Spanish home that preserves the old-style feel but also has modern luxuries and phenomenal home automation.”

LA Build added a sense of history through design details including built-in bookcases, paneling, and perhaps most notably, exposed beams. “We carried the exposed beams from the front entry of the house to the back outdoor cantilevered patio,” Ami says. “Standing in the backyard looking inside, the length of the beams look incredible and create a long, sleek look for the ceilings. The living room has a Fleetwood slider that opens out to the pool. These enormous doors really enhance a room when they are open as you get the feeling of being in two places at once. You can sit by the fire and still enjoy the view of the backyard.”

“The wonderful design of this home allowed for large open living spaces while at the same time incorporating many private rooms. This created a lush aesthetic which was grand but not too large for a family to live comfortably in. LA.” The white walls in the first-floor public areas exaggerate the high ceilings, while more colorful tones delineate private areas. Ami explains, “The vivid colors create the idea that you are in a private space.”

The Office is one of the design team’s favorite rooms, and we’d have to agree. “The walls and doors have beautiful paneling that are extended higher than the average wainscoting with oversized doors. The entire room is painted blue including the ceiling, giving a sense of privacy and yet, still showcasing the generous size of the room.”

See the whole home in the slideshow!