Studio 11 Design might be based in Dallas, but their work can be found across the globe. Founded four short years ago by Stacy Elliston and Kellie Sirna, the firm specializes in interior design, branding and curation for hospitality, multi-family, gaming and restaurant environments. The duo prides themselves on not having a specific aesthetic, but rather giving the client exactly what they want. Studio 11 is known for pushing the envelope and creating fresh, inspiring designs that foster memories indigenous to their projects. As a result? They’ve grown rapidly. (As in, they were founded in 2011 with just one designer, but now have 17 full-time employees.) More people means more space, so the firm put down roots in a new headquarters with twice the square footage. Today, we’re taking a tour of the vibrant space and learning more about how they’ve gained such notoriety in such a short time:

How did you two decide to launch Studio 11 Design?
We were first introduced by a mutual friend who felt we would be a great match through the different strengths we each bring to the table. In 2011, both of us were at a crossroads in our careers so we decided to launch Studio 11 Design – the newest design studio at the time in the Dallas market. It has always been important to us to bring in the best talent and provide them with a workplace where each has a collaborative mentality and creative voice. As principals, we stay heavily involved in the day-to-day of each project and look to mentor each of our designers to be the best they can be.

What can you tell us about the firm?
We started in 2011 with just one designer. There are now 22 of us with Brand Society, our brand identity component, as well as Lou Verne by Studio 11 Design, our in-house stylist and curation team. Studio 11 Design thrives on building relationships in order to create exactly what our clients want. We’ll take your goals and build results. We’ll take your vision and give it life. We’ll embrace your dream and make it real. From space planning to design development and project management, we offer a range of services that can be specifically tailored to create a unique design experience for hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, or multi-family developments. We continually seek to think “outside the box.” Our endless creativity, high energy and inspired vision supports the synergy needed to complete successful projects.

You had to move to a larger space to accommodate your growing team. (Congrats!!) What can you tell us about the new location? How did you choose it?
Over the last four years, Studio 11 Design has grown exponentially. We chose a space in the same office building we were in before, but that was much larger to fit our expanding team.

Our new office space features two private offices, two conference rooms, an open concept studio, a kitchen with custom-cut tile flooring, and many special features including a 1964 Magnavox stereo that is always playing inspiring tunes. Walls double as dry erase and pin boards to encourage brainstorming, while sliding glass storefront doors open to each conference room, maximizing natural light. Cool-toned wall coverings and light finishes paired with pops of bright color create a clean yet vibrant space. A custom-designed gold and black wallpaper that resembles the Dallas skyline adds a finishing touch in the foyer.

What were your top priorities when designing the new office?
Our top priorities were giving our design team the tools necessary to create. All of our walls are pinnable, writable and/or magnetic so that we can layer and create vertically. We use every square inch of our office space and made sure the office was fresh, bright and fun. We had to create more room for desks and larger layout spaces. Growing from a firm of 5 to 16 in a matter of just 6 months meant the new space and strategic layout was a must. Designer workspaces are separated by low walls which allow for open communication, collaboration and team building.

What is a typical “day in the life” like at the Studio 11 office?
There is no typical day at the office. Every day we are learning and creating something new and we truly believe that is how we have retained our talent. We love to gather, discuss and charrette and no one person has designed an entire space. We pride ourselves on working together and believe multiple perspectives are better than one.

Finally, any exciting projects in the pipeline for 2016?
We are working on some VERY exciting projects…things we may only see once in our career but unfortunately have confidentiality agreements on both. We have two more Super Chix restaurants, a beautiful Sheraton with a large backyard cut up airstream bar, a Westin in Pasadena and a ground up Doubletree in Indiana installing in the spring.

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